Be a Partner in Our Community

Partnering with People is a major part of what we do. In fact partnering with people is what connects the entire community to the impact we are making in the lives of the people we serve. In a community where everyone does something rather than depending on someone to do everything is what makes the power of collaborative partnerships so special.

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The Refinery / Firehouse Art Center and Gallery

Firehouse Art Center and Gallery hosted a kids art camp this summer and The Refinery partnered with them to show how a candle was made and then they in turn went and made their own candles with their own stamped tags! Four groups of well-behaved kids attended and actually asked a lot of questions. It was a wonderful opportunity to share how and why we do what we do and encourage kids to create something beautiful, just as God did with us.

Still Waters / Groups Give Back

Various church groups from around the community partner with Still Waters Shelter to provide household supplies for the residents on a monthly basis. Partnerships like this is what helps keep our doors open.

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Friendship House / Home Depot & City 

The City of Bainbridge, Home Depot and the Friendship House partners together in remembering our local American heroes. Assistant City Manager, Roy Oliver and several of our local community members pulled together to raise funds needed to purchase an American flag for the grave stones of every local veteran. Our thanks to Home Depot who provided the PVC pipe for the flag holders. The young men of Friendship House worked together cutting nearly 1,800 pieces of PVC to fit the flags, and installed them at Oak City Cemetery. We will continue this project at all four local cemeteries throughout the summer until every veteran has a flag. This has been a great partnership and community project! Thanks to all our male mentors for being an example to our boys on how to become men!


  • Bainbridge Public Safety Police Department
  • Decatur County Sheriff's Department
  • Decatur County Fire Department
  • Decatur County EMS
  • Decatur County Food service
  • Decatur County Board of Education
  • Deactur County Migrant Summer School
  • Bainbridge Decatur County Humane Society
  • Firehouse Art Gallery
  • Samaritans Counseling Center
  • WTXL tv Tallahasse FL
  • WALB tv Albany GA
  • Jerry Yates Plumbing
  • Bainbridge YMCA
  • Anna Kinchen Photography
  • Lucreatia's School of Dance
  • Volunteer Children's Health Network
  • Coca-Cola Consolidated
  • Little Caesars Pizza
  • Gator's Used Tires
  • Winn Dixie
  • West Bainbridge Tire and Battery
  • First Methodist Church Bainbridge Youth Group
  • First Baptist Church Bainbridge Youth Group
  • Southwest Baptist Church Youth Group
  • Climax Baptist Church Youth Group
  • Grace Church Youth Group