Friendship House

Commitment and consistency is what gets results in life. Its the same when it comes to building relationships with youth. Being committed to the relationship and consistent with your investment is when you will see the results in the lives of our young people. Come volunteer in our homework or classrooms to make that impact today!

Still Waters

With varying population of women in need we often need mentors in similar stages of life (single mom, disabilities, new divorce, empty nest) to meet with residents and befriend them. Transportation is often an issue and though we have a van, assistance is welcome. 

Are you a great cook, budgeter, cleaner? Come speak to our residents about how you manage it all! 

The Refinery

We have a strong need for a volunteer coordinator for this enterprise! We hope to have regular volunteer days at The Refinery where you can get hands on experience alongside our residents. We also need volunteers to work our retail storefront.